About Us

Around 29 million homes in the UK currently have the potential to dramatically improve their energy efficiency through home improvement measures – EON

This is a huge statistic – heating is usually inefficient, and expensive.

Over the last decade the government has implemented a number of schemes to force energy companies to do more to help people like you.

This is not just to save you money, it also means the country as a whole will need to use less energy and our carbon footprint will be smaller.

The government has committed to the country being carbon neutral by 2050 for example.

The schemes require the big energy companies (the Big 6) to help us reduce our bills and increase our heating efficiency. They do this by providing funding for the installation of better heating systems, and insulation.  

Although there is lots of funding available (well over £500 million per year) – the problem is that as a homeowner it’s not easy to just get. There are hoops to jump through, accredited people to use, a range of processes that must be followed. 

This is where we help – we believe passionately that people like you should receive the grants and funding that are available (however difficult they are to get!). 

We believe that you should have people suggest different funding and grant options, and work for you – to make sure that you get the best option.

Our mission is simple, and we live it everyday. We are here to help you. To understand your current situation and both save you money on your heating, and improve your heating efficiency. 

We don’t charge for our services, so why not get in touch and let’s see what we can do.